Portuguese Golden Visa

Complete Guide to the Portuguese Golden Visa Programme 2020

Since its inception in 2012, over 14,000 family members of international investors have benefitted Portugal’s Golden Visa programme. This has made it one of the most popular Golden Visa programmes of its kind in Europe. So far, through property investment alone, the programme has attracted over €4.6bn, which has so far been by far the most popular way of accessing this highly beneficial programme.

The Key Benefits Of The Portuguese Golden Visa

Instant free travel across the 27 Schengen countries

Obtain the Portuguese Passport and EU residency after 5 years

Only a minimum real estate investment of €500,000 is required

One application only is required for the investor and his/her direct family

Process takes only 4-6 months to receive residency cards

No relocation required

What Is The Portuguese Golden Visa Program?

The Portuguese Golden visa is the adopted name for Portugal’s largely real estate-led residency programme which grants non-EU nationals and their families the ability to travel freely to countries within the Schengen zone. After five years, it is then possible to apply for a Portuguese passport and European residency.

Who Can Apply For A Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa scheme is open to anyone who is not a Portuguese, EU or EFTA citizen. The scheme is particularly popular with investors from China who account for more than 50% of visa recipients.

Can I Apply For A Golden Visa Through Real Estate Investment?

There are several ways to apply for a Portuguese Golden Visa, but the most popular method is through a real estate investment of €500,000 or more. 90% of Golden Visas are awarded this way.

The Portuguese Golden Visa Application Process

  1. Plan a visit in person — purchase a property (minimum €500,000), obtain a Portuguese tax number (NIF), open a bank account and
    complete necessary documentation (powers of attorney, investment declarations, etc.)
  2. Submit all your documents online — a valid passport, property documentation, valid medical insurance, tax numbers from your country
    of residence and Portugal, criminal record.
  3. Present the proof of transfer of funds — and a declaration confirming compliance with the visa’s investment requirements.
  4. Book an appointment — with the immigration authorities (SEF) to obtain final answer/approval – Up to 6 months.
  5. Obtain a temporary residency card — up to 1 month after approval.
  6. Are there any other requirements for the Portuguese Golden Visa?
    Other requirements for Portugal’s Golden Visa include needing to maintain the investment for at least five years and stay in Portugal for
    seven days per year until you apply for full citizenship or residency.

The Path To European Citizenship

While obtaining a temporary residency permit is almost immediate (around 1 year), full citizenship is possible after 5 years. Additional requirements for citizenship include passing an A2 Portuguese test, having a clear criminal record, paying all relevant taxes and showing a decent connection to living in the country.